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Customer Testimonials

“We love the fact that it is really easy for all ages to use. Everyone has a smart phone but not everyone is as skilled with it. Whether they are 60 or 6, bing, bing, bing, no one struggles.”


Dillon Dam Brewery I Dillon, CO

“The system is working great for us.  We only have a couple of members at this point using this system but we intend to get several more setup and using the system.  The sound quality is so much better than the FM assisted listening system that is in place as well.  Our members that have a bluetooth connection to their hearing aids have great sound going straight into their hearing aids without the need for headphones.  As this becomes more common in the hearing aid world it will only increase the usefulness of this system.  Even if the hearing aids do not interface with the users phone the sound quality is far superior to the FM systems increasing the intelligibility for our users.”

Devin Bates

Church San Angelo/First Presbyterian

“Today Audio Everywhere is a differentiator in my market. I can see the day coming soon when it will be a must-have for every sports bar”.

Robert Goslin, Owner

Bull Wings Bar & Grill I Elk Grove, CA

“I donated an Audio Everywhere Assistive Listening system to our Church. The installation was very easy, and it allowed us to clearly hear our Pastor’s message in the church foyer, and greeting areas, above the the many conversations that take place there. Very helpful for those times that we cannot get inside the sanctuary to listen to the message.”

Lennox Hoyte, M.D.

Donor, Revealing Truth Ministries, Tampa, FL

“With Audio Everywhere, our customers can turn their smartphone into their personal listening device. We’re able to attract more customers who stay longer because they can actually hear the sound of the TV they choose or, if they are into fantasy sports, switch back and forth”.

Alfred Anderson, Owner

Chaplin's Sports Bistro I Union City, CA

“The ease of use for customers, the reliability of the system, and easy maintenance- that’s Audio Everywhere in a nutshell”!

Rich Normand, Owner

RicheyAudio I Billings, MT

“We’ve installed several systems in fitness centers– the installation is easy, the system is stable, and users love how easy the app is to use”.

Lee Christianson, Design Engineer

Diversified I Atlanta, GA

“From an installation and setup perspective it’s very user friendly and straightforward that even a novice installer could install this device and configure”.

Corey Stunes, Project Manager

Master Technology Group I Eden Prairie, MN

“At the Knox Club, we are always searching for innovations and ways of providing a complete entertainment experience for our members and guests. The challenge has always been how to provide multiple listening content on our big screens? Wi-Fi Audio [Audio Everywhere] allows us to utilise our space and facilities efficiently by offering members and guests the freedom to listen to any sporting broadcast shown on our televisions, at any given time, in any area of the Club. Our state of the art sports bar has a point of difference now by giving our members and guests the choice to listen to 10 separate sporting events in the same area.”

Mr Basim Aljabary, General Manager

The Knox Club | Wantirna, Australia

“I just wanted you to know that our courier has arrived from the US with our Audio Everywhere system. I have it set up and tested and it works amazing! So easy to set up. Love your stellar customer service too. Do you guys ever sleep?”

Jason Prosser

New Life Fellowship | Cambodia

“Audio Everywhere allows my customers the flexibility to add more listeners without having to incur additional expenses for receivers, relative to other forms if assistive listening systems, such as FMs. I also see strong customer support features and a caring attitude for the client, by offering relevant and timely information regarding how best to use the wifi audio streaming system. Get this and see for yourself how much easier it makes hearing accessibility happen.”

Laura Mather

POW Hearing Solutions | Canada

Customer features and benefits:

Connect with your customers, members, visitors and audiences in new and meaningful ways.

In churches, sports bars, restaurants, fitness centers, casinos, health care settings, houses of worship, entertainment venues, and waiting rooms, the ability for your members, customers and visitors to hear sound from different audio sources on their mobile device is a powerful communications tool.

Your Customers’ Benefits:

  • Free app download provides streaming audio on their Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Muted TVs, digital signage, and audio from various streaming sources can now be heard as well as seen.

Venue Benefits:

  • Entertain guests in new ways and keep them in your venue longer.
  • Differentiate your business from your competitors.
  • Increase customer engagement through targeted in-app marketing.

In-App Marketing Features:

  • Welcome Ad or Video– Your Welcome Ad or Video is the first thing customers see each time the app is opened. You set the amount of seconds before your Welcome ad or Video can be skipped.
  • Sliding Promotional Banners – Upload ads, coupons, promotions, or special events;  banners click through to your menu, websites, etc.
  • Text Banners – Text banners allow you to insert timely updates quickly and easily.
  • Custom labels for TV channels – Reflect your branding.

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